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Commercial cleaning

For offices and commercial premises in Greater London

Clear space, clear minds

Make the right first impression with clients and set your team up to succeed with a clean and professional work environment

Running a business is hard work enough without having to worry about who’s cleaning the desks or changing the soap. We provide regular professional cleaning of offices and business premises of all kinds in London, spending a minimum of two hours getting the space spotless before you get down to business. What’s more, by paying the London Living Wage, you’ll be improving your corporate social responsibility, too!

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A clean office means...

01 More productive workforce

Mess is distracting. Set your staff up to succeed by providing a clean and uncluttered workspace that allows them to focus on what they do best, undeterred by sneezing colleagues or suspect smells from the kitchen.

02 Healthier working environment

Wellbeing is hugely affected by our environment and surroundings, and regular cleaning stops the spread of germs that can lead to the whole office being off sick in the same week. Clean surfaces, fresh air, and pleasant aromas all help people to feel relaxed and able to get on with their day.

03 Good first impression

A messy or unclean office will be noticed for the wrong reasons, and a bad first impression will linger for as long as a bad odour. A professional company needs a professional space – you don’t want clients to think you take a messy approach to business!

Specialist commercial services

Desks and workstations

Desks and keyboards are a breeding ground for bacteria that can spread germs and illness. Keep your sickness levels down with regular cleaning of workstations.

Commercial carpet cleaning

If as much coffee is consumed in your office as in ours, slips and spills are inevitable. Office carpets get heavy usage, so need regular cleaning to stay in top condition.

Kitchens and bathrooms

These spaces are used frequently and by lots of people, meaning it’s easy for a clean space to deteriorate quickly. With our commercial cleaning packages, you can keep communal spaces fresh, hygienic and free of any unwanted aromas.

It was important for us to find a Living Wage employer who reflected our ethical position on employee conditions, and also regarding the type of cleaning products used. Just Helpers ticked all our boxes.

The Scale Factory

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Domestic cleaning

Looking for some help cleaning your home? We also provide domestic cleaning!

Need a hand cleaning your home?

Life in London is demanding and time is at a premium. Get some sparkle back into your life and home with one of our domestic cleaning packages.

Looking for commercial cleaning?

We provide a regular cleaning service for offices and commercial premises in the Greater London area, helping you maintain a professional, healthy and productive work and business environment.

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